Public Affairs

Throughout Public Affairs we manage our client's relationship and strategic communication with all the relevant stakeholders, from decision-makers, government and institution representatives, to business partners, organizations and environment, clients, shareholders, media and academic society.

Corpo Public Affairs work combines key stakeholder relations, PR, media communications, issue management, corporate social responsibility and strategic communications advice.

Based on tailor-maid research, we create and implement strategy, in order to build and maintain a strong reputation and sustainable and fruitful business model that works.


Our business oriented, experienced lobbying team is ready to move client agenda throughout various industries. Corpo Public Affairs is where business, law and politics converge. We use multidisciplinary approach to improve and empower the industry and business environment. Accompanied by legal experts, our legal affairs office strive to navigate your road to success. Partnering with our clients, we redefine consultancy.

Corporate Communications

Today, strategic communications are inseparable from real business. No matter how big the organization is, the need for corporate communications is inevitable. We are here to determine your main stakeholders, create strategy and support implementation. Through PR, marketing and other Corporate Communications tools, we advise how to maintain your relationships, improve business results and your company value.

Corporate Branding

Todays competition suggest that we could never feel totally safe - everyday there are new companies and new ideas. There are pretty same skills, knowledge and tools for all of us. But how we use them make a difference. Investing in your corporate brand can give an added value to your business. We suggest methods for improving and sustaining your corporate brand value through long-term strategy, planned actions and different projects. We share our know-how in improving tour corporate image and therefore increasing your company and business value.


Now we are all part of a digital world. So is our business. However, we are all sometimes confused wich digital method or tool we should use for our business model.

Professional approach to your digital appearance and actions could make a difference. Depending on your business goals, we help in creating a sustainable digital strategy and professional delivery.

Business Development

Growing one's business, in the beginning, might seem logical, smooth and natural. Nevertheless, there is a point where every firm needs strategic approach.

Analyzing the environment and your results and potentials, our team creates, together with your representatives, the company's short-term and long-term business plan. We advise you on the roads you should take, in order to achieve your goals, providing organizational support and a step-by-step strategy for all the plans we make together.

Startup and Corporate Governance

No meter if you are a local startup company or international company decided to found the office in Serbia or Balkan region, we advise and provide tools for all the initial processes (business advice, legal, IT, accounting, corporate communications and governance, etc.). Feel free to use our broad knowledge and experience for the local market, we know for the best.

In some time frame, every company needs professional corporate governance, no meter its size and performance. Forming a tailor-made system for your organization would be helpful to improve your efficiency, control and overall management.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Acquiring or selling the company is a rather complex business process. It can also get very stressful, particularly because a person cannot cover all the necessary fields.

Corpo Public Affairs provides full support during the M&A process. Our consultants have broad M&A experience within the biggest local and regional companies. Corpo Public Affairs top performers manage the process from the very beginning, from the research phase through analyses, financial perspective, tax and due diligence, to the legal and corporate communications perspectives.


As the company gets bigger, the need for professional business planning and reporting, predicting and analyses becomes obvious. Corpo Public Affairs financial team provides support for all your short and long-term financial plans and its execution. We drive you through day-to-day financial processes that meet the business and financial plan until your team is fully confident to proceed on its own. We also advise on financial projects, restructuring process and any financial challenge solving.


Legal support is implemented in everything we do. Be sure to have the responsible, professional and servant legal team at your disposal in every of your business processes.


In all the services we provide, Corpo Public Affairs starts from the research. We could also provide you with academic support, whether in order to face you with the market characteristics and trends or to prepare and train your team for necessary fields and skills.